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Ryan Pelton Videos

Ryan Pelton Promotional Video

Ryan Pelton Volvo Commercial

Ryan Pelton as Elvis Presley in the Dakota Fanning movie, "Hounddog"

Ryan Pelton wins on "The Weakest Link"

Ryan Pelton (Blake Rayne) as Elvis Presley in this audition reel.

Ryan Pelton as Blake Rayne in the movie trailer for "The Identical"

Ryan Pelton's promotional video for his new show concept called "The ELvolution".  Ryan will be touring with this show in 2016 at various venues across North America.

Ryan Pelton Returns to Coushatta Casino Resort on July 29, 2017 with his production show, The Elvolution.  Thousands came out in 2016 to experience the show.  2017 will be even bigger!

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