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If you have ever been to a Ryan Pelton, "Elvis Show" in the past and enjoyed it, get ready for "The ELVOLUTION"!


The ELVOLUTION is the next generation of  an "Elvis though the eras" kind of show.  Unlike other Ryan Pelton shows in the past, The ELVOLUTION will include video throughout the production.


"We all know the story of Elvis, and it can be told through his music.  But I've always found it interesting that in many ways, Elvis was a different person in the different performance eras of his career.  Throughout his life, Elvis elvolved as an entertainer, and there are stories within the story that shed a light on the reasons why."

"I have been lucky enough to work with many of the people who worked with Elvis Presley himself.  They all have amazing stories about Elvis, and through the telling of those stories, I always walk away feeling like I know the man a little better.  It's the kind of thing that makes me proud to be able to represent Elvis on stage."


"So it's a simple thing, really.  Let's bring those stories, and the "feel" that those stories evoke, and tell the musical story of Elvis Presley on a more personal level."

Pre-production of The ELVOLUTION is underway NOW.  Look for it in late 2015 in a venue near you!  Until then, keep rockin'!

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