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B&K Enterprises Nail Suit and Belt

This suit and belt are 2 years old and have primarily been worn at Legends in Concert in Branson, MO.  The wear and tear on the suits has come from washing them rather than hard stage wear.  As pictured, a few studs are missing, as well as some buttons, and the clasp above the zipper needs replaced  (though most ETAs I know do not use them).  Replacement studs and buttons can be found on line, or though B&K Enterprises.  There is slight discolloration on the inside of the collar from make up, but it is not noticable from stage.  As per the norm, I usually "cut" the lining in the crotch to allow for more movement - in this particular suit the lining was so tight that I had to cut it down the thigh as well. This suit was recently worn on stage at Legends in Concert, so you know it still looks good.


SIZING:  I am a 6" 4' man who weighs 220 pounds.  My normal jacket size is a 44L and my shirt size is a 18" neck and 36" sleeve.  My pants waist size is 34" - 36" and I prefer a 36" inseam.  This should get you in the ball park regarding fitting.


CONTACT:  If you have any questions, or if the check out is not working properly, please don't hesitate to contact me at!  Thanks!


  • The B&K Jumpsuit and Belt are $1900.00 new... This outfit is being sold as is with normal stage and cleaning wear and tear, and may contain issues of wear beyond what has been stated in writing. All sales are final and there is a no return policy on the purchase of these items. U.S. Shipping Only.

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