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B&K Enterprises Black Leather Jacket and Pants

This suit goes back to 2015, though I have not worn it since 2016.  This is the suit I wore at the Ultimate in 2015 when I came in 3rd place (as seen in photo above). It is still in amazing condition - though it need repolished and dyed - takes about 30 minutes and you can get the polish at Walmart for $5.  The Jacket zipper needs to be oiled and cleaned, and the lining in the pants is pretty much gone.  I never really liked how this suit was made as there is an "over-lap" where the jacket comes together at the zipper, so I used velcrow to keep the overlap from "bulging out"; this needs replaced if you want - but is not required. With all that being said, I was seriously thinking about not selling this leather when I put it on for the photo... It's ready to rock on stage.  Please keep in mind I am selling the jacket and pants only - not the boots or wrist cuffs.  If you need help in finding those items, email me at


SIZING: I am a 6" 4' man who weighs 220 pounds. My normal jacket size is a 44L and my shirt size is a 18" neck and 36" sleeve. My pants waist size is 34" - 36" and I prefer a 36" inseam. This should get you in the ball park regarding fitting.


CONTACT:  If you have any questions, or if the check out is not working properly, please don't hesitate to contact me at!  Thanks!

B&K Enterprises Black Leather Jacket and Pants

  • This leather sold for $2000.00 originally (though now I think you can get it for $1700.00). It is being sold as is with normal stage and cleaning wear and tear, and may contain issues of wear beyond what has been stated in writing. All sales are final and there is a no return policy on the purchase of these items. U.S. Shipping Only.

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